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Braves TV reporter hit by foul ball, her eye socket broken

Mar 31, 2018

A TV reporter who covers the Atlanta Braves for Fox Sports South has suffered a fractured eye socket after she was hit by a foul ball

Jennifer Lopez visits Alex Rodriguez during opening day

Mar 30, 2018

Alex Rodriguez received a special opening day visit during his first official broadcast with the ESPN Sunday night baseball team

Ball tampering: 2 days after Smith, Warner to face public

Mar 30, 2018

David Warner is expected to address the ball-tampering scandal on Saturday for the first time since being accused of leading the Australian cricket team in developing the plan

NCAA Latest: Emmert says amateurism likely won't change

Mar 29, 2018

NCAA leaders expect to receive recommendations for reforming college basketball in late April and have pledged to quickly implement changes while preserving amateurism as currently defined

Firm tracks Nassar coverage, bills Michigan State $500K

Mar 28, 2018

Michigan State University paid roughly $500,000 to a public relations firm for work in January tracking media coverage and social media activity related to the case of disgraced former sports doctor Larry Nassar

Latest: Firm tracks Nassar coverage, bills university $500K

Mar 28, 2018

Report: Michigan State University paid $500,000 to a public relations firm to track media coverage, social media activity related to Larry Nassar sexual abuse cases

What we now know about Australian cricket's cheating scandal

Mar 28, 2018

'Sandpaper, lies and videotape': What we now know about the Australia cricket team cheating scandal, who the main instigator was, and what the reaction around the world has been

Stormy Daniels, NCAA propel '60 Minutes' to top of ratings

Mar 27, 2018

CBS' "60 Minutes" proved it still has the moves in its 50th year to dominate the TV ratings.

Scratching the surface reveals Australian cricket cheaters

Mar 26, 2018

The cheating confession that scandalized a nation has triggered an investigation destined to go way deeper than merely scratching the surface of the culture within Australia's cricket team

Mercedes: F1 teams need to work together to avoid split

Mar 23, 2018

Mercedes: F1 teams need to work together to avoid potential split over new contract terms


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